Tortilla Food Belting Materials

PTFE/fiberglass composites engineered for tortilla belting applications.

TCI’s Hybrid™ belting material is the first new product to be introduced to the tortilla industry in 20 years, proving itself to be the highest quality and longest lasting material technology available.

Hybrid™ materials minimize blistering and are able to survive the oil and liquid exposure during the stamping and conveying process. The unique textured surface maintains excellent release while grabbing the food. Faster speeds, less scrap, higher temperatures, and greater throughput are possible with the Hybrid™ materials.

In addition to exceptionally long-lasting Hybrid™ materials, TCI also produces industry standard PTFE cast film laminates and economical dip-coated products. As the PTFE material experts for over 25 years, TCI produces a tortilla belt for every customer’s needs.