100% PTFE laminate engineered for extreme chemical and thermal environments.

CrossFilm™ materials are 100% PTFE laminates designed for challenging chemical/thermal environments. Unique multidirectional strength and stress-crack resistance allow this flexible PTFE product to be a self-supporting material. Reinforcements like fiberglass, which are susceptible to chemical attack, are not needed. CrossFilm has tremendous flexing capability, easily outlasting fiberglass reinforced materials and other PTFE products in high flex applications. CrossFilm can also be fabricated or molded into all shapes and sizes.


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Case Study


Industry: Food Processing

Application: Company produces fully-cooked frozen meat patties.

Company was using a PTFE-coated fiberglass conveyor belt for their grilling lines. The average belt life was less than one week. Due to tracking issues, product sticking, and unpredictable belt ripping, the customer experienced an average of one hour per day of downtime. Downtime at a typical food plant will cost between $5,000 to $10,000 per hour.

CrossFilm™ Food Belting, an all-PTFE conveyor belting material.

With the increased durability of an all-PTFE CrossFilm™ belt, the average life of a belt in production has increased to two months. One CrossFilm belt even lasted for a year before replacement. Due to the
improved reliability of the belting material on the grilling machine, the customer was also able to
increase the belt speed and throughput by 17%. Downtime has been reduced from five hours per week with a PTFE-coated fiberglass to zero hours per week using Crossfilm Food Belting.