Flexible Connectors

CrossFilm™ Flexible Connectors and Bellows are made with a flexible, multi-layered, 100% PTFE material. The heat-sealed design involves no stitching and maintains zero-porosity traits even after severe flexing that usually destroys fiberglass-backed materials. Because the material is all-PTFE, chemical attack is not a concern even in the most corrosive environments.


Additional Information

Available in round and rectangular shapes in an open-ended or closed form, CrossFilm flexible connectors can also incorporate numerous types of end attachments. This product is rated for 600°F and is available in thicknesses ranging from 5 mils to 60 mils. Since it is all-PTFE, it can be used in most industrial settings such as chemical processing, pharmaceutical, clean room, and food processing. The product is non-combustible and unaffected by ultraviolet exposure. It is also available with or without pigment and anti-static properties.

  • Unaffected by constant exposure to wet, chemical environments
  • Rated for 600°F (316°C) constant exposure
  • Zero porosity
  • Easy to install
  • Reusable

CrossFilm™ flexible connectors are ideally suited for corrosive and/or high temperature environments ranging from chemical manufacturing to delicate weighing applications. This includes applications requiring a flexible joint, sleeve or connection, in process applications where the transfer material contains, or the flexible connectors is exposed to, solvents, caustic, acids and elevated temperatures.

These flexible connectors can be fitted to pneumatically operate cylinders in a manufacturing environment or a flange connection on a pipeline that has to be protected from environmental exposure.


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