Materials for Insulation Jacketing

Insulation jacketing products are installed to control factors such as heat gain or loss, on industrial process equipment. The materials used for the jacketing must be able to survive the industrial handling and thermal/chemical exposure seen in each particular application.


Related Products

TCI has successfully developed a broad portfolio of materials for insulation jacketing applications. Our insulation jacketing materials include:

Successfully used since 1985, these PTFE/fiberglass composites are designed for challenging insulation jacketing applications. Incorporating a proven coating technology for industrial fabrication, EJ products have severe chemical and temperature exposure capabilities. All EJ products are easily sewn into removable insulation jacketing.

100% PTFE laminate engineered for corrosive removable insulation jacketing service. CrossFilm is unaffected by harsh chemicals and constant wet/steam environments.

This CrossFilm™ laminate is designed for the most challenging insulation jacketing applications. Using a proprietary hybrid of PTFE film and fiberglass, this material will simulate an all-PTFE laminate with the stretch and minimal elongation of a fiberglass reinforcement. It is ideal for high temperature service and wet, chemical environments. The tent-like texture and flexibility makes it advantageous for the sewing of re-movable insulation jacketing applications.

These PTFE/fiberglass composite materials are designed for harsh, wet insulation jacketing applications. PTFE films are laminated to one or both sides of a composite for enhanced chemical protection. The Filmjac line is based on a PTFE/fiberglass composite design.

Silicone/fiberglass composites with proven flexible coating technology, engineered for standard duty insulation jacketing applications. This line has been successfully used in insulation jacketing applications since 1985. These materials are flame retardant and easily sewn.

Silicone/fiberglass composite with a rugged and thick coating technology engineered specifically for removable pads, flanges and valve covers. Siltuf 2000 has been successfully used in insulation jacketing applications since 1985. The product is flame retardant and can be easily sewn. Many colors are available.

This silicone/fiberglass composite with proven flexible coating technology is engineered for standard insulation jacketing applications.

Silicone/fiberglass composite with a rugged coating technology that is engineered for removable pads, flanges, and valve covers.


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