Spray Shields

Using a non-porous, all-PTFE material, CrossFilm™ Spray Shields guarantee performance against harmful spray out and leakage regardless of the severity or duration of chemical exposure.



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Many materials used for spray shields, like PTFE coated fiberglass, can be weakened by challenging industrial environments and often require monitoring. With a CrossFilm spray shield, the body and drawstrings are all made of 100% PTFE. This ensures that worker safety will not be jeopardized by degraded materials in the event of a spray-out at a flange.

Since the CrossFilm spray shield will be unaffected by even the most corrosive chemical environments, chemical capability tables do not need to be referenced.

The translucent material used in a CrossFilm spray shield allows safe and easy detection of moisture leakage at a flange. If leakage does occur at the flange, the spray shield can be cleaned and reused without concern for weakening due to chemical attack.

CrossFilm spray shields can be used in a pH range of 1-14 and a temperature range of - 100°F (-73°C) to 600°F (316°C). The versatility and cost-effectiveness of this type of spray shield allows it to be used in almost all industrial settings such as marine, offshore, pharmaceutical, chemical processing, FDA-approved, cryogenic, and clean room applications.

CrossFilm™ Flange Spray Shield Properties:

  • Rated for 600°F (316°C) constant exposure
  • Unaffected by ultraviolet exposure
  • Zero porosity material
  • One-piece design
  • Translucent material allows leak detection
  • Drawstring is all-PTFE cord
  • Curl over inhibits side spray-out
  • Reusable
  • Custom sizes available
  • Many options, such as drain nipples, are available
  • Unaffected by constant exposure to wet, chemical environments


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