Tank Liners

100% PTFE Flexible Drum Liners Engineered for Challenging Applications

CrossFilm™ Liners are made entirely of PTFE and are available for many styles of containers, including 55 gallon, 30 gallon drums, and 5 gallon pails. The leak tight molded design withstands virtually all chemicals and is rated for temperatures as high as 600°F (316°C).


Additional Information

CrossFilm™ Tank Liners have allowed many companies to eliminate corrosion concerns of their existing tanks. CrossFilm™ is a flexible, 100% PTFE material than can be fabricated into many shapes and sizes. The unique, multidirectional strength of this material allows it to resist tearing and stress-cracking while maintaining complete corrosion protection of the rigid wall of the tank.

The excellent release properties of the PTFE material allows for easy cleaning of the liner. Because the product will not be chemically attacked and weakened from constant exposure, CrossFilm™ Liners are reusable. If a liner does become damaged from a cut, a repair can be performed that will restore the liner to its original strength and leak tight properties.

Liners are available in many different colors and in thicknesses ranging from 0.009" - 0.060". Food grade liners and black conductive liners for anti-static applications are also available.

The insertion of CrossFilm™ Liners is an easy and quick process. The drum liners fold securely over the edge, holding the liners in place. Customizable attachments, such as flanges and nozzles, are available as well.


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