Company Information

Manufacturer of High-Performance Fluoropolymer Films, Laminates, and Composites 

TCI (Textiles Coated International) is an American manufacturer of high-performance fluoropolymer films, laminates, and composites. Since 1985, we have been continuously manufacturing high quality fluoropolymer materials designed to perform in the most challenging thermal and chemical environments. We manufacture products that are chemically resistant, UV resistant, temperature resistant, and have no shelf life. Our two sites have over 110,000 ft² (10,270 m²) of manufacturing space with customized coating, lamination, fabrication, film, mixing, maintenance, research and development, and laboratory departments. With a manufacturing base of over 160 employees and an around-the-clock manufacturing schedule, our company constantly focuses on providing high quality products, short lead times and excellent customer support.

Our unique PTFE coating and film technology produces materials used in a variety of industries and applications, including:

  • Non-metallic expansion joints
  • Composite process materials
  • Architecture
  • Electrical
  • Insulation Jacketing
  • Ducting
  • Flexible Connectors
  • Tank Sealing
  • Spill Containment
  • Conveyor Belting

Benefits of our unique materials include:

  • Chemical Resistance
  • Chemical Barrier
  • UV Resistance
  • Dynamic Temperature Resistance
  • Weatherable
  • Unlimited Shelf Life

TCI manufactures high-performance fluoropolymer films, fabrics and laminate products for many different industries. Using a proprietary, all-PTFE CrossFilm™ material, TCI provides material solutions that are unaffected by exposure to chemical environments. Because of excellent non-porosity traits, tremendous flexing and tear-resistance properties, and welding ability, CrossFilm™ barrier materials provide very unique solutions for industrial, chemical, military, and numerous other industries. TCI manufactures all of these products in the United States utilizing technologies that are covered by trade secrets and patents. These materials are then further fabricated into ducting, belting, covers, and other specific components either by TCI or our customers. PTFE is an established high temperature, chemically resistant, non-stick material.

TCI is the leading supplier of PTFE expansion joint materials for power plants in the world. TCI develops and manufactures products for specific customers or applications in concert with the customer and/or end-users.TCI is focused on providing new material solutions to assist in solving difficult problems that our users encounter. TCI products are used in the most demanding environments and challenging situations. TCI is focused on:

  • Long-term solutions
  • Reliable supply
  • Customer service
  • Solving difficult problems with unique solutions

Many patents and awards have been granted to TCI for innovations in the development and processing of specialized PTFE materials and products. TCI is First in Film technology for several industries and we provide solutions for applications where material failure is unacceptable. Used in some of the most challenging environments in the world, we do not leave material performance to chance. Contact Sales to learn more about what the PTFE experts can do for you.

Duns#: 11-834-0710
NAICS: 313320, 541712, 326113, 326199, 326130, 314999
CAGE Code: 6SLV3