A patented cross-pattern laminated PTFE film for use in extreme environments.

TCI’s patented CrossFilm™ is an all-PTFE material that is flexible, resists tearing and has superior flexing capabilities compared to other PTFE products.

Because this is an all-PTFE product with excellent mechanical capability, no compromising reinforcement that can be chemically attacked is needed. Regardless of chemical exposure, CrossFilm eliminates concern for chemical attack. This has been proven in laboratory and industrial service where, in all cases and regardless of chemical environment, CrossFilm has retained all of its physical properties.

The technology that circumvents inherent shortcomings in conventional perfluoroplastic materials utilizes a cross-pattern lamination process containing oriented PTFE film. The cross-pattern will typically incorporate 3 mil or 4 mil film plies. On occasion, thinner plies will be stacked to create thicker plies, such as 9 mil or 10 mil plies, for the laminate design. The proprietary process produces a material with exceptional 360° tear strength and durability. Because CrossFilm consists solely of PTFE resins the product is considered chemically inert and can be used in temperatures ranging from -100°F (-73°C) to 600°F (316°C), depending upon the thickness of CrossFilm used.

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A revolutionary PTFE/fiberglass composite engineered for food processing, belting, and industrial applications.

TCI’s Hybrid™ belting material is the first new product to be introduced to the tortilla industry in 20 years, proving itself to be the highest quality and longest lasting material technology available.

Hybrid™ materials minimize blistering and are able to survive the oil and liquid exposure during the stamping and conveying process. The unique textured surface maintains excellent release while grabbing the food. Faster speeds, less scrap, higher temperatures, and greater throughput are possible with the Hybrid materials. Hybrid belts last an average of twice as long as traditional dip-coated materials, and are dimensionally stable for a flat and uniform cooking surface.

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TEX-LFP CrossFilm™

A CrossFilm™ corrosion liner laminated to a PTFE/fiberglass composite engineered for wet and corrosive expansion joint applications.

TCI’s award-winning CrossFilm™ is laminated to a Texcoat™ load bearing component. The CrossFilm™ is a 100% PTFE material that is capable of resisting the stress-cracking caused by flexing and severe temperature fluctuation in expansion joint applications. The multi-directional strength and durability of CrossFilm™ allows it to function as a thick PTFE barrier for corrosive chemicals while maintaining a crack-free and flexible surface. The toughness of CrossFilm™ is proven by the successful performance of the material in many industrial applications as a “stand-alone” product.

A zero-porosity barrier is the most critical component for preventing chemical attack in your non-metallic expansion joint. Old, thin, film technology relied upon the integrity of a fragile 0.004” PTFE film. The use of a thick CrossFilm™-based corrosion barrier in TCI’s TEX-LFP materials eliminates the need to gamble with thin PTFE films in corrosive environments.

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