TCI manufactures cast PTFE, ETFE, and FEP foils/films for use as vial cap liners, septa and stopper applications, sampling bags, flexible culture bags, blood storage bags, and storage or transportation containers for the pharmaceutical industry. Our high-performance fluoropolymer films are chemically inert, have an unlimited shelf life, and can be heat sealed, adhesive-bonded or laminated.

Some of the superior qualities of TCI high-performance fluoropolymer films include:

  • Reliable performance at extreme temperatures
  • Chemical inertness
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Anti-stick / low energy surface
  • FDA compliance
  • High purity without the use of additives
  • Available color coding and color matching

Related Applications

Septa Caps

TCI's fluoropolymer films can be used in the manufacturing of both organic polymer and silicone septa. Unlike skived PTFE, these films are less susceptible to tearing when punctured, or cracking when bonded to rubber materials. Septa caps created from TCI films are easily punctured by a needle and provide minimal contamination risk.

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2-D Fluid Bags

TCI’s High-Performance extruded fluoropolymer films are used for containment of fluids and suspensions during transportation, processing, sampling, incubation, storage, and cryopreservation. Our fluoropolymer films are additive-free, possess complete bio–medical and chemical inertness, and retain flexibility at cryogenic temperatures. All of these attributes make them invaluable in cryogenic blood storage, bioprocessing and air and gas sample bags. TCI’s fluoropolymer films are heat sealable and thermoformable which makes them well-suited for manufacturing of 2-D bags.

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