Radome Covers

TCI provides PTFE/fiberglass composite, PTFE laminate, and ETFE materials to fabricate replacement antenna covers and replacement planar radome covers. TCI’s superior mechanical properties, low dielectric constant, and low interference with microwave frequencies make our materials the optimal solution for radome covers for devices such as radar antennas, flexible planar radomes, and microwave communication antennas.

Matte ETFE Radome
EM-Trans 1400™

EM-Trans 1400™ is TCI’s PTFE/fiberglass composite solution for radome covers. It protects your antennas from environmental influences—such as snow, wind, ice, and debris—and lasts for over twenty years. Radome covers made from EM-Trans can survive in the most challenging environments including temperatures between -30°F and 140°F (-34°C - 96°C) and wind loads up to 140 mph, making it one of the strongest solutions currently on the market. Custom logos and colors are available on this maintenance-free, permanently hydrophobic surface.

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TCI Manufactures High-Performance ETFE film that can be bonded/laminated to a composite core to protect antennas. The film is formulated to protect high-performance antennas in the most challenging environments. Its superior mechanical properties, low dielectric constant and permanent hydrophobic surface provide excellent RF performance across multiple frequencies. The films are surface treated to ensure excellent bonding to structural elements. The opaque UV blocking formulation of the material protects the integrity of the film / composite interface.

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This laminated PTFE/fiberglass composite is designed to protect high-performance antennas in the most challenging environments. Superior mechanical properties and a low dielectric constant provides excellent RF performance.

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EM-C is a family of high-strength, pure PTFE laminates designed to protect high performance antennas in the most challenging environments. Its multidirectional lamination process eliminates the need for reinforcement. EM-C has the same superior qualities as EM-Trans including low transmission loss, durability in challenging environments, long life expectancy, and hydrophobia. This material can be molded and is available in both planar and three-dimensional designs.

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