Flexible Ducting

TCI manufactures PTFE flexible ducting suitable for use as flexible hose ducting, clean room ducting, semiconductor ducting, food grade ducting, industrial ducting, and as flexible ventilation ducts. Our CrossFilm™ laminate film produces 100% PTFE ducting with a non-stick surface, resistance to most processing chemicals, and the ability to operate continuously at temperatures up to 600°F (316°C). CrossFilm™ flexible ducting is the optimal solution in situations requiring harsh C-I-P chemicals and extreme temperatures. Our proprietary cross-laminated structure makes CrossFilm™ flexible ducts resistant to tearing and they can be used in any wet or dry application, regardless of the chemical exposure. They are also FDA, 3-A, and EC compliant for food contact. TCI flexible ducting can be customized in terms of conductivity, thickness, abrasion-resistance, and flexibility.


TCI 1Duct™ is an all-PTFE flexible duct with a wear-resistant metal coil, suitable for all applications. 1Duct™ eliminates the need to use less-capable flexible ducting products made with PTFE-coated fiberglass and silicone-coated fiberglass, which have limited flexing capability and can be corroded. 1Duct™ is made using TCI's all-PTFE CrossFilm™ material which has an excellent flexing life and corrosion resistance. 1Duct™ CrossFilm™ material remains non-porous to ensure containment, unlike fiberglass-reinforced materials which become porous after flexing. 1Duct™ can also include an electrically-conductive surface material to prevent the build-up of static charge.

1Duct™ can be made with a galvanized or stainless metal coil that protects against abrasion and a bridge clamp is used to achieve a tight attachment to a pipe. Because the design consists only of PTFE and metal, 1Duct™ is the ideal flexible ducting product for applications with fire rating test concerns like ASTM E84, UBC 8-1, and UL 723. 1Duct™ is extremely flexible with a 6 to 1 compression ratio and a small bend radius. It is unaffected by UV exposure and will not grow fungus.



Chemduit™ is an all-PTFE flexible duct with an encapsulated metal coil and smooth inner wall. Chemduit™ can be used in any chemical environment. It is unaffected by UV exposure and will not grow fungus. TCI can customize Chemduit™ ducting to include an electrically-conductive surface material, which would prevent the build-up of static charge. Some applications for Chemduit™ ducting include clean rooms, chemical plants, food plants, fume exhaustion, high temperature environments, pharmaceutics, fume control, and pollution control.


TFE Duct™

TFE Duct™ is an all-PTFE flexible ducting product with PTFE support rings for use in any chemical environment. The entire duct contains no metal, eliminating chemical compatibility concerns. TFE Duct™ can even be used in chlorine applications where permeation of the chlorine molecule often corrodes metal support coils of common flexible ducting products. Market opportunities for TFE Duct™ include chlor-alkali, clean rooms, and chemical plants, among others.